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Great Deals!

Cheap Cremation Urns
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Black Speckle Urn for Ashes
Classic Engraved Butterfly Urn in Gold
Classic Engraved Butterfly Urn
American Eagle Urn for Ashes
Graystone Cremation Urn for Ashes
Tiger Eye Urn for Ashes
Stonecrest Black Urn for Ashes
Stonecrest Pink Urn for Ashes
Classic Three Bands Gold Cremation Urn
Mother of Pearl Urn in Polished Gold
Corona Blue Cremation Urn
Corona Lavender Cremation Urn
Corona Red Cremation Urn
Spring Pastel Cremation Urn
Adria Tiffany Blue Urn for Ashes
Stonecrest Purple Urn for Ashes
Adria Grey Cremation Urn for Ashes
Corona Green Cremation Urn
Black & Gold Floral Cremation Urn
Pearl Gray with Gold Band Urn for Ashes
Purple & Gold Cremation Urn
Pewter with Rose Urn for Ashes
Pewter with Dove Urn for Ashes
Simple Pewter Urn for Ashes
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About Discount Cremation Urns

Our discount urns and sale urns are still ‘first quality.’ We simply were able to get a better price on these products or, in some cases, we over-stocked a particular style. We have adult and keepsake urns available in our Great Deals section.

You can purchase these brass and metal urns with confidence knowing that you are providing a high quality container for a loved one’s ashes. We may call them cheap urns, discount urns, or sale urns, but the truth is they are a great way for you and your family to show respect for a loved one and honor his/her life at an amazing price.

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