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Ascending Dove Scattering Tube - Extra Small
Ascending Dove Small Scattering Tube (Mini Size)

Ascending Dove Scattering Tube - Extra Small

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Attractive and eco-friendly, the Ascending Dove Extra Small Scattering Tube for Ashes helps you to scatter the ashes of a loved one simply and respectfully.
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A small scattering urn, the Ascending Dove Scattering Tube for Ashes Extra Small shows a peaceful dove on the front and can make scattering of ashes easier. The Ascending Dove design has white dove in flight shown against a soft blue background.

This small scattering urn is sized to hold a portion of ashes and is quite sturdy for discreet transportation to your desired scattering site. When ready to scatter, the lid slides off, a perforated tab is pushed, and then the ashes can be gently scattered from the tube. When all ashes have been scattered, the tube can be recycled.

Green Burial Council Certified ProductThe scattering tube is made of paper components in an eco-friendly manner and contains no metal or plastic.

This is a small size cremation urn that has a capacity of 20 cubic inches (approximately 1 and a half cups).

Extra Small Scattering Urn
5.25" Tall x 3" Diameter
20 Cubic Inches
.2 lbs.
Cardboard & Paper
Tube Slides Open
Engraving Options

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