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Leaves of Copper Keepsake Urn
Leaves of Copper Keepsake Cremation Urn

Leaves of Copper Keepsake Urn

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The Leaves of Copper Keepsake Urn is a miniature brass cremation urn for ashes, featuring a pattern of oak leaves in copper.
(USD): $24.99
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The Leaves of Copper Keepsake Urn is a small cremation urn for ashes which features hand-engraved oak leaves. This cremation urn is cast out of brass and the patterning is finished in copper. The threaded lid is styled in the same fashion as the body of the urn - decorated with oak leaves and trimmed with simple, polished copper.

Keepsake urns can be used for a variety of different reasons. Many people use keepsake urns to share a loved one's ashes with other family members, or they are used to keep a small portion of the ashes once the majority of the ashes have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Some people choose to scatter or keep a small amount in a different place than where the primary urn is displayed. 

This is a small size cremation urn with a capacity of 2 cubic inches (approximately 2 tablespoons of ashes).

 Keepsake Urn 
 3 Inches High x 2 Inches in Diameter 
 2 Cubic Inches 
 .4 lbs. 
 Threaded lid opens at top. Can be sealed if desired. 
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