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Memento Biodegradable Urn in White
Memento Biodegradable Urn

Memento Biodegradable Urn in White

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The Memento Biodegradable Urn in White presents new options for a meaningful water burial ceremony as handwritten notes or artwork can be placed within the urn before it is set adrift.
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The Memento Biodegradable Urn in White is designed to help create a beautiful yet simple water burial ceremony. This urn allows the family to have a water burial but also allows all to be involved as they can write or draw a message to place within the urn before it is set adrift.

The urn is handcrafted of paper and is painted with milk paints to create a soft white color. The white urn shows up especially well against the water. Included with each urn are twenty handmade paper note cards that family members or friends can use to prepare personal notes that can be inserted in a slot in the top of the urn.

Green Burial Council Certified ProductOnce placed in water, the Memento Biodegradable Cremation Urn will float briefly, then sink, and ultimately biodegrade in the water naturally over time. Each Memento Biodegradable Urn arrives packaged in an eco-friendly box that gives you a discreet and easy way to transport the urn. The packaging box can be recycled. A water-soluble bag is included. Cremated remains must be placed into the bag, then into the Memento Biodegradable Urn. The opening needs to be sealed with small amount of biodegradable glue after cremated remains (enclosed in bag) have been placed inside.

Some families choose to scatter flower petals when the urn is placed in the water as a colorful tribute and to offer another way for family members to participate in the service.

Included with the urn is a memorial donation card. If you complete the card, the Memento Biodegradable Urn’s manufacturer will make a donation in memory of your loved one to The Ocean Conservancy. The mission of The Ocean Conservancy is to protect ocean ecosystems and conserve the global abundance and diversity of marine wildlife.

Extra Large Adult Urn
15" L x 10" W x 5.5" D
275 Cubic Inches
1.5 lbs.
Biodegradable Material
Opening at Bottom of Urn
Engraving Options

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