4 Ways Memorial Products That May Help with Holiday Blues

As you prepare yourself for the coming holidays, where the absence of a loved one can be so acutely felt, having some strategies to deal with holiday grief and disrupted traditions can help. Our last blog post, 4 Comforting Practices to Help With Holiday Grief, touched on some ideas. Here are some follow-up suggestions for memorial products that may be part of the path forward, while still remembering holidays past.

    • Personalized Christmas ornaments like the Christmas in Heaven series help you to remember and celebrate Grandma and Grandpa-- as you decorate the tree, thinking of your beloved relative.

    • Engravable photo frames hold a photograph of your loved one - while allowing space for a heartfelt message. In this age of digital photography, a traditional framed portrait on display may be a comforting reminder of a dear one. The photograph can encourage conversations and sharing of memories.

    • Using cremation jewelry to keep a memory close to your heart may provide solace. Memorial jewelry holds ashes, dried flowers, or sand/soil from a special place--a wearable sentimental memory. Read more about the comforts and uses of cremation jewelry.
    • Keepsake and memory boxes have compartments for treasured items to be kept. This holiday, consider creating a memory box for yourself or as a gift--include photos of your loved one, personal notes, and trinkets. The act of collecting the items and making a physical memorial may be a welcomed creative project. A way to feel close to the one you loved.