Popular Themes for Memorials

A life celebration -- rather than a traditional, more somber funeral -- is a fairly new idea. Often more like a party, a life celebration may include the person’s favorite music and food and incorporate his or her interests. Today’s families often try to create a tribute as unique as the person being remembered. These popular themes for life celebrations may inspire you.

Butterflies. Some of our most popular cremation urns are butterfly urns for ashes. People often find inspiration and comfort in butterflies -- as symbols of life, spirit, and renewal. A life celebration with a butterfly theme may be especially meaningful for a gardener or nature lover. Here are some ideas that express that theme:
  • Butterfly Release - you can order live butterflies to set free as a symbol of life’s journey, resurrection, or simply because a loved one found them beautiful.

  • Take Aways - many families handout an item for attendees of a life celebration to take home as a lasting memory of the person being honored. DIY seed pods for a butterfly garden are easy to create and will bring a beautiful reminder throughout summer. Seeds are infused into clay and soil to create seed pods that can be thrown in flower beds and packaged as a take home gift.

Movies. A more light-hearted memorial service could be tied to a loved one’s favorite movie. For example, perhaps Dad’s favorite film was Caddyshack, a film that takes place at a golf club and is infused with zany humor. The Golf Cremation Urn might be the centerpiece for the memorial table. You might serve Baby Ruth chocolate bars because the pool scene always got Dad laughing. Golf clubs can be incorporated into the funeral flowers. Golf balls or tees can be engraved with Dad’s name as a take away. As Kenny Loggins music is playing, family and friends can gather to share stories and laughter. The life celebration can be just as he would want it to be.

Culture/Heritage. Some families may find a life celebration tied to their cultural or ethnic heritage to be especially meaningful. If Irish heritage influenced the food Mom cooked, and she treasured her Belleek china collection decorated with shamrocks, her life celebration can incorporate those items. Perhaps children or grandchildren are given a four leaf clover cremation jewelry pendant in remembrance of her.

 JMD-307JDI-238"For each petal on the shamrock, this brings a wish your way --good health, good luck, and happiness for today and every day."
- Irish Saying 

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