Ways to Honor Mom in Memoriam

Mother’s Day can be a difficult time when you are missing your Mom. Social media accounts are full of people celebrating the day with their Moms--flowers, brunch, and togetherness. Another wave of grief may hit as you realize you can no longer celebrate in this way. Mother’s Day can be a day for remembering your Mom and celebrating the relationship that you had. 

  • Remember the things you enjoyed doing together and do them in honor of your Mom on Mother’s Day. In my family, we always spent Mother’s Day walking in the woods. So, a good hike with memories of Mom would be a comforting way to pass down this family tradition.

  • Honor your Mom by donating to her favorite charity or volunteering for a day in her memory. Selflessness can ease the burden of grief by encouraging you to think of others.

  • Recognize other caring moms you know with a message, card, or small gift. Consider complimenting a neighbor, sibling, or friend on their parenting skills.
A person loved is never lost, and memories can help keep your cherished Mom close in your mind and heart. If you are without your Mom on this Mother’s Day, we hope that you are comforted by the good times you shared.