Benton Urn With Memory ChestWood urns are a popular choice for cremation urns—especially for men. The Benton Hardwood Urn with Memory Chest is a wood urn we often recommend to Stardust Memorials customers to remember a special man in their lives.

Like all of our wood urns, the Benton Urn with Memory Chest has excellent woodworking craftsmanship--caringly made out of solid cherry wood. A laser-engraved decorative band also has been carved around the edge of the urn. But the Benton Urn’s best feature is the memory chest. The memory chest is a hinged compartment at the top of the urn. It opens just by lifting the edge. You can place mementos of your loved one in this compartment.

How has the Benton Hardwood Urn with Memory Chest been used?

Benton Urn with Open LidSome customers have shared what they planned to place in the memory chest compartment—their ideas include putting treasured photos, letters sent home from the war, and a favorite watch in the box. Other ideas might be rings, hobby-related items like fishing lures or golf balls, military service medals, or almost any small item that reminds you of your loved one.

All of our wood urns can be personalized with a brass plate with three lines of text of your choice. Many people put names and dates, but meaningful sayings, poems, and nicknames are wonderful choices as well.

Wood cremation urns like the Benton Hardwood Urn can be transported on airplanes as they can be x-rayed by security. Many people put these urns on display in their homes. They also can buried (in accordance with cemetery rules) or placed in columbariums.

Just a few other popular wood urns we offer are the American Walnut Urn with Inlay Banding, the Alton Solid Hardwood Urn available in five different hardwoods, the Crest Hill Solid Hardwood Urn, and, of course, our wood 3D Inlay Urns.