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Losing A Loved One at the Holidays

Losing a loved one near the holidays can be especially difficult. In this post, we share five tips from the Hospice Foundation of America. At the heart of their message: Do what feels right for you even if other family members or friends don't understand.
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Two simple rules for choosing a cremation urn

If you think about where a cremation urn will be placed and the person being remembered, you may find that choosing an urn is an easier decision than you think. Narrow down your choices amongst urns for display, scattering urns, biodegradable urns...Read more about how to choose an urn for a loved one.

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Product Profile: Aria Handblown Glass Cremation Urn

A primary reason that families choose our hand blown glass cremation urns is the sense of “celebrating” a life with their gorgeous colors and graceful shapes. These glass cremation urns are not somber or generic. The Aria Hand Blown Glass Cremation Urn is an outstanding example of glassblowing artistry and its vibrant amethyst and raspberry colors appeal to our customers honoring their mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

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What size cremation urn do I need?

The size of cremation urn you need can depend on more than one issue, as Stardust Memorials customer Glen found out. You need to figure out not only the urn's capacity  (remember, weight in pounds equal cubic inches of cremated ashes) but also consider the urn's final placement...

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Product Profile: Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn

We recommend the Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn to customers looking for a simple way to disperse ashes on the water, who want to respect our earth, and who want to honor a someone who loved the water, ocean or beach.

Read on for how people have used this urn in memorable ways to honor someone they loved...

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