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Blue Gloss Cremation Urn
Blue Gloss Cremation Urn

Blue Gloss Cremation Urn

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The Blue Gloss Cremation Urn is made of brass in a traditional shape with a blue finish.
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The Blue Gloss Cremation Urn is a traditional funeral urn with a vivid blue color and gloss coat finish. Blue is a popular color for cremation urns due to its association with the ocean or sky, peace, and serenity. As you remember a loved one, this blue cremation urn can express those comforting ideas and honor his or her life.

Made of brass, the Blue Gloss Cremation Urn is sturdy and well-constructed with a threaded lid. The brass is finished in blue enamel and given a top coat for extra protection and shine. This brass urn can be kept at home, placed in a columbarium, or buried if desired (an urn vault may be required by the cemetery). It opens/closes at the top.

This cremation urn has a capacity of 185 cubic inches of ashes. With this capacity, the Blue Gloss Cremation Urn is categorized as adult size.

Adult Cremation Urn
10" High x 6" Diameter
185 Cubic Inches
4.5 Lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options
Urn Pendant

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