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Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn
Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn

Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn

SKU: SDY-934
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You can pay tribute to your favorite angler with the Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn.
(USD): $299.99
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The Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn can pay tribute to a person who enjoyed being on the water and who was always looking for the catch of the day. A variety of outdoor scenes wrap all the way around the cremation urn -- including the view from the boat, the sun glinting off the water, the tackle box, and a large mouth bass on the line. Any way that you look at it, this cremation urn can bring back memories of sporting times spent with your loved one.

The Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn is known for its durability -- made of a combination of real crushed stone and resin that is wrapped with the fishing-related images and gloss-coated. A signature feature is the urn's seamless construction. Families appreciate the strong construction as well as the memorable style of the Panoramic Urn Collection. Made in the USA.

Ashes are placed inside the urn using a round opening in the bottom -- which seals tightly with a threaded screw. This urn meets the requirements of most cemeteries for use in ground burial with no need for a separate urn vault.

The Fishing Panoramic Cremation Urn is an adult size urn with a capacity of 180 cubic inches (will hold the ashes of an adult who weighed 180 pounds or less prior to cremation).

Standard Adult Urn
9.375" L x 7.125" W x 6" H
180 Cubic Inches
11 Lbs.
Cultured Marble (Stone & Resin)
Threaded Screw on Bottom
Engraving Options

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