5 Reasons to Bury Ashes of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away there are many decisions to be made. One of the most challenging--what to do with the ashes? Burial can make sense for many families.

  1. Permanence: As with traditional burial of a casket, burial of ashes typically involves laying a loved one’s cremated remains to rest in a cemetery or graveyard site with a headstone. Each cemetery has its own set of regulations regarding burial. You may need a certain type of urn and/or an urn vault. This article on Best Burial Urns offers further insight. 
  2. Tradition: You may have a family plot in a cemetery where relatives are buried. Many families are comforted by the thought of loved ones being together. This option also gives you a place to visit to pay your respects.
  3. Accessibility: Cemeteries are usually easy to find and accessible for all family members. Often you can drive very near to burial sites. Paved paths make it safe for elderly relatives or for those of limited mobility to be present for the service and visit the gravesite.
  4. Heritage: Burial offers a marker (headstone) for future generations to visit and gain insight into the past. Names, birth and death dates, and location can be helpful information when researching ancestry.
  5. Simplicity: Interring your loved one in a final resting place can alleviate the dilemma your descendants may have over what to do with the urns and ashes that are displayed at home.