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Glenhurst Aluminum Cremation Urn
Glenhurst Aluminum Urn

Glenhurst Aluminum Cremation Urn

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Blue and gold provide a classic look to the Glenhurst Aluminum Cremation Urn.
(USD): $84.99
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The Glenhurst Aluminum Cremation Urn conveys respect and tradition with its classic blue and gold colors. This funeral urn has a blue background color with a gold engraved accent band. The base of this urn is another added feature.

Made of aluminum, the Glenhurst Cremation Urn offers durability and affordability. This urn could be kept at home, placed in a niche, or buried in a cemetery plot according to your wishes. If ground burial is preferred, an urn vault may be required by the cemetery.

The Glenhurst Cremation Urn stands about 10 inches high and has a capacity of 190 cubic inches. This size is appropriate for an adult who weighed 190 lbs. or less prior to cremation. The lid opens and closes at the top and has threading to keep the contents secure.

SizeStandard Adult Urn 
 10” High x 7.25” Diameter
 190 Cubic Inches 
5.30 Lbs. 
Threaded Lid
Engraving Options 
Urn Pendant

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