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Grace White Cremation Urn
Grace White Cremation Urn

Grace White Cremation Urn

SKU: MAF-310
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The Grace White Cremation Urn is an artistic urn for ashes in a white finish with shining silver hand tooled flowers.
(USD): $142.99
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A pearly white finish is off set with a hand tooled silver flowers on the Grace White Cremation Urn. This cremation urn stands out for its incredible artistry and a beautiful combination of white and silver. Families who have chosen this urn often talk about how it conveys purity, innocence, goodness -- even the idea of heaven. The silver flowers are embossed on the main body of the urn as well as the lid.

The Grace White Cremation Urn is made of brass with a threaded lid providing secure closure. With a capacity of 175 cubic, this white urn is considered adult size. It will accommodate the ashes of a person who weighed 175 lbs. or less prior to cremation. With the silver flower details and the overall capacity, this urn often is chosen for a beloved mother, grandmother, or sister. 

Standard Adult Urn
10.5" H x 6.25" Diameter
175 Cubic Inches
4.8 Lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options
Engraved Pendant

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