Small urns -- called keepsake urns -- can serve as a remembrance of a loved one, can be helpful when sharing ashes among family members, or can hold a small amount of ashes to scatter later. The most popular keepsake urns are just mini versions of the larger cremation urn being used by the family.

At 3 to 4 inches high, keepsake urns hold only a few tablespoons of ashes and are not meant to hold all of the ashes of an adult. For example, the Classic Three Bands Gold Keepsake Urn holds 4 cubic inches, which is about 4 pounds prior to cremation. This keepsake urn complements the full sized urn (MTH-501).

Keepsake urns are easily affordable, usually between $9.99 and $16.99, often with a quantity discount if more of the same style is purchased. These small keepsake urns can also be mixed and matched if each family member would like to pick out his or her own small urn to honor the person.

Many keepsake urns can be personalized with direct engraving, just like a full-sized urn. Engraving is available if the keepsake urn has enough blank surface area and does not have a special coating. One example of a keepsake that can be engraved is the Elite Onyx Keepsake Cremation Urn. This keepsake urn can have up to two lines of engraving, with about 12 letters per line. With engraving added, a keepsake urn can be a personal memorial that is small enough to place or transport anywhere you wish.

All keepsake urns from Stardust Memorials come with a velvet pouch free of charge. The pouch is a discreet and convenient way to transport and protect your urn.

A newer style of the keepsake urn is the heart keepsake urn. These keepsake urns are about three inches across and two inches tall, and hold between 3 to 5 cubic inches of ashes (3 to 5 pounds pre-cremation weight). A good example of a heart shaped keepsake is the Butterfly Gold Heart Keepsake Urn.

Heart keepsake urns are a little more expensive because of the unique shape, running around $39.99. A stand to display the heart can be purchased in gold or pewter for an additional $9.99. Keepsake pouches are included for free with heart keepsakes too.

Due to the shape and surface design, heart keepsake urns cannot be directly engraved. The heart keepsake is a touching and unique memorial that is a conveniently sized while still honoring the loved one that has passed away.

No matter what size urn you decide is best for your family, Stardust Memorials works to supply quality products and service. Keepsakes are a great option for dealing with a smaller quantity of ashes (or a smaller budget) and still making a beautiful and touching memorial.