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Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn
Lakestone Memorial Candle Urn with Candle Lit

Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn

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With a lovely speckled blue glaze, the Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn is a candle holder urn with a compartment for ashes that may bring you comfort.
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A loved one can be remembered with the Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn, a candle holder combined with a keepsake urn. This memorial candle urn -- also called a tealight urn -- is made by a ceramic artist exclusively for Stardust Memorials. The glaze on this small urn is a lovely speckled blue with subtle variations. Many people appreciate the time to remember and reflect when lighting the Lakestone Ceramic Memorial Candle Urn -- perhaps as a daily ritual or on special occasions like an anniversary.

This memorial piece has two components: Ashes can be placed in the base and then the candle holder sits on top (like a lid for the base unit). It can even be sealed closed with household adhesive if desired. Then a candle is placed in the recessed area of the top. A single tealight candle is included.

The Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn is hand-thrown on a potter's wheel and then fired to achieve a soft blue glaze. The Lakestone Round Memorial Candle Urn can hold approximately 1 cup of ashes or less. This is a handcrafted ceramic piece, created on a potter's wheel which results in a unique one of a kind shape and color much like the one shown.

Keepsake urns can help families who wish to divide ashes among family members. Others use a keepsake urn to keep a small portion of ashes at home for remembrance. Given its handcrafted nature, the urn you receive can vary in shape, dimensions (by a few inches), and glaze effects from the image shown. Made in the USA.

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