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Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn
Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn with Candle Lit

Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn

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Soft blues and turquoise combine in the Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn, a candle holder with an urn compartment for ashes.
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A loved one will be remembered with the Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn, a unique candle holder plus keepsake urn for ashes. This candle urn is hand-thrown by a ceramic artist exclusively for Stardust Memorials. The Lakestone Tall Memorial Candle Urn can hold about one cup of ashes in the base. Because of the handmade nature of ceramics, you may see slight variations in color and shape in this candle urn.

Lighting a candle for a loved one is meaningful in many spiritual and religious practices. The lighting of a candle represents remembrance, and the ritual may bring you comfort as you take the time to commemorate and reflect on a special life. This piece is ceramic stoneware -- the piece is made from clay, shaped on a potter's wheel, glazed, and then fired to achieve the durable construction and lovely blue flecked glaze. A subtle "infinity" pattern is embossed near the base of this tealight urn.

Keepsake urns can help families who wish to divide ashes among family members. Others use a keepsake urn to keep a small portion of ashes after the majority of the ashes have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Given its handcrafted nature, the urn you receive can vary in shape, dimensions (by a few inches), and glaze effects from the image shown. Made in the USA.

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