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Lakeland Aluminum Urn
Lakeland Aluminum Urn

Lakeland Aluminum Urn

SKU: MSP-733
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A notable feature of the Lakeland Aluminum Urn is its bright blue finish.
(USD): $82.99
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The Lakeland Aluminum Urn is an urn for ashes with a bright blue finish and engraved accent bands. If you are looking to celebrate a life, the brighter color may appeal to you. For some people, the blue finish may be a reminder of times spent at a lake or other body of water with your loved one. The engraved bands are a distinctive touch with two bands on the base of the urn and one band on the lid.

Made from aluminum, the Lakeland Aluminum Urn offers durability at a lower price than other metals. The lid of this urn is threaded like a jar so you do not have to worry about ashes being spilled. You can keep this blue funeral urn at home, place it in a niche, or bury it (according to cemetery rules).

At 190 cubic inches, the Lakeland Aluminum Urn is adult size and can hold the ashes of a person who weighed 190 lbs. or less prior to cremation.

SizeAdult Urn 
 9.5" High x 7" Diameter
190 Cubic Inches 
2.9 Lbs. 
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options 
Urn Pendant

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