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Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn
Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn

Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn

SKU: MRG-415
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Softly colored, the Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn has a peaceful color and silver accents.
(USD): $79.99
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With its soft, gentle color, the Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn may comfort families looking for the right memorial urn. Many families choose this urn for its blue green finish that brings to mind the beach or the sea. The pretty color is accented by silver bands around the middle and a silver accent on the edge of the lid.

The Meriton Urn series is made of aluminum, a sturdy but lightweight metal. Metal urns are an excellent choice for longevity -- whether buried, kept at home, or placed in a columbarium niche.

The contents are held securely within by the threaded lid closure of this urn. The Meriton Seafoam Aluminum Urn is considered adult size with a capacity of 175 cubic inches. It can hold the ashes of an average adult (up to 175 pounds prior to cremation).

A matching mini urn is available, the Meriton Seafoam Keepsake Urn, if you wish to keep a small amount of ashes in memorium or if you wish to share ashes among family members.
Standard Adult Urn
10" H x 7" Diameter
175 Cubic Inches
 2.7 lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options
Engraved Pendant

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