The Mother of Pearl Tealight Urn is a unique memorial product for remembrance

Lighting a candle is a time-honored way to pause and reflect. The Mother of Pearl Tealight Urn allows for the experience of having a loved one's ashes close by and remembering him or her through the lighting of the candle. Stardust Memorials is proud to carry this product handcrafted to the highest quality standards by LoveUrns®.

This Mother of Pearl Tealight Urn is made of solid brass and has a beautiful inset of mother of pearl with each piece of highest quality and placed carefully in the band. The finish is gold. The tealight holder is made of glass and can be taken in and out. It is a standard size glass tealight holder.

This tealight is considered a keepsake urn, although it holds more than most keepsake urns--at 18 cubic inches of cremated remains. Stardust Memorials carries a wide assortment of keepsake urns including tealight urns.

How to place ashes in the Mother of Pearl Tealight Urn

1. Remove glass tealight holder and set aside.

2. Grasp holder around gold band at top and unscrew to access the compartment.

3. Place ashes inside the compartment.

4. Screw top back on and replace glass tealight holder. Insert a candle of your choice. You can seal the inner compartment if desired simply by using a super glue product on the threading prior to closure.

Several tealight urns styles are available

Stardust Memorials carries several other styles of tealight urns including the very popular  Majestic Returning Home Tealight Urn and different finishes such as the Pearl Tealight Urn, the Bronze Brushed Brass Tealight Urn and the Midnight with Silver Tealight Urn.