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Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry
Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry

Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry

SKU: JDI-204
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The Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry Pendant, a memorial necklace that can help you remember special memories of a beloved pet.
(USD): $69.99
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The Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry Pendant is a popular choice in memorial jewelry as a way to remember the life of a special pet. This pendant is heart shaped with a path of paw prints engraved across the front. Made of stainless steel, you can wear it worry free as it will keep its shine and not tarnish over time. Inside the pendant is a compartment for ashes that is accessed via a threaded screw in the bottom. Instructions for filling and sealing the pendant are provided. A 19 inch chain -- also made of stainless steel -- is included. 

The screw must be sealed properly using the adhesive that is provided before it can be worn.  The adhesive instructions should be followed very carefully. We do not recommend wearing this piece while showering, swimming, exercising, or sleeping as this can increase exposure to moisture which can expedite the tarnishing process and degrade the adhesive that keeps ashes secure inside the pendant. 

Included with this pendant:
  • 19 inch stainless steel chain
  • Velvet storage pouch
  • Pendant Filling & Sealing Kit with instructions, funnel, and sealant
 .75" H x .75" in Diameter 
 A Pinch
 Stainless Steel
 Screw in Bottom
Engraving Options
 2 Line, 6 Letters Max.

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