Three Ways to Personalize An Urn

Your loved one was a person with interests, stories, habits, and personality traits unique to him or her. Family members left behind often wonder: how can we find a vessel or urn for ashes that is as unique as our loved one? Some families are truly unprepared--and even offended--when they get a plain plastic box of ashes from the funeral home. It just seems wrong--too generic, too common--for someone who was dear to this person or family.

How to make an urn more personal?

1. Get the urn engraved

Even a simple brass urn can be made meaningful with the name, dates, and a special message engraved on it: "Dearest Dad/John Xavier Smith/1937-2012." A short poem or favorite saying can evoke memories everyone shares of "Scooter" or dear Gram. Stardust Memorials offers same day engraving on our brass urns and pendants so you can make it personal and get it shipped to you right away.

2. Recall memories with a themed urn

Urns with a theme--butterfly urns, lighthouse urns, nature urns--remind everyone of special memories. If Mom loved roses, you can find an urn with roses on it such the Rose Urn for Ashes in Lilac or the Pink Rose Cremation Urn. Anyone who views the urn will remember “Mom” and her favorite flower--the rest of the memories will flow. If you need ideas, check out our Urns by Theme.

3. Reflect a person’s style with the urn style

At Stardust Memorials, we often hear customers say that a certain glass urn or ceramic urn was “perfect” for a loved one--because of the gorgeous colors or because it showed the person’s artistic life. Other people find our biodegradable and eco-friendly urns to fit the values of a loved one--for example, the Memento Biodegradable Urn that floats for a lover of nature and water. 

You can find an urn for ashes that is truly personalized for your special person through engraving and urn choice.