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Soaring Cremation Urn
Soaring Cremation Urn

Soaring Cremation Urn

SKU: MRJ-138
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A metal urn, bold in blue, the Soaring Cremation Urn for Ashes shows three white birds soaring in an intense blue sky.
(USD): $149.99
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Bold and vibrant in color, the Soaring Cremation Urn for Ashes showcases three white birds soaring against an intense blue background -- into the sky and into the heavens. These flying birds express freedom and joyful release. Doves are symbols of hope, peace and promise. This bird-themed cremation urn can express these meaningful ideas as you remember and cherish your loved one.

Made of aluminum, the Soaring Cremation Urn is an adult-sized urn and has the capacity of 200 cubic inches (room for a person who weighed approximately 200 lbs. or less before cremation). The finish is a brilliant shimmering blue with the white birds engraved by hand and finished in a soft white. The opening to the urn is at the top with a threaded closure.

Standard Adult Urn
10" High x 6" Diameter
200 Cubic Inches
3.6 lbs.
Threaded lid opens at top. Can be sealed if desired.
Engraving Options
Urn Pendant

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