Two simple rules for choosing a cremation urn

Choosing a cremation urn can be a difficult decision. Most people are purchasing a cremation urn for the first time and are unsure what facts or features are important. It's not a purchasing decision--like buying a coffeemaker or car--where friends freely give advice and opinions.

Here are our two simple rules for choosing a cremation urn: consider the placement and consider the person. 

1. Consider the final placement of the urn.

Will the urn be placed in your home? Will it be on display in a living room or put somewhere more private? For urns on display, consider pieces of high craftsmanship such as handblown glass urns, our premier brass urn collection by LoveUrns, or the very detailed wood inlay urns.

Do you plan to bury the urn? Consider the very durable marble urns if you want to protect the ashes or our earth biodegradable urns if you want to let the ashes return to the earth.

Is the urn just temporary until you scatter the ashes? Consider urns designed for scattering or budget urns.

Was the person's final wishes to be "returned to the earth" such as a water burial or scattering? Consider the biodegradable cremation urns for water or earth.

2. Consider the person.

Sometimes a choice of a certain cremation urn will be obvious--he was a fisherman and the wood fishing urn perfectly expresses his life's passion. Other times, an urn might just express a person's sensibilities--the turquoise raku urn for an artistic person or apex marble urn for a person with a traditional outlook. 

The gender of the person may help narrow down your choices. Urns for women often feature elements such as butterflies or flowers and may have softer colors like the Aria glass urn. Urns for men may feature woodwork or darker colors like the Helios marble urn.

Lastly, the size of the person is a factor. Most adult urns can accommodate the ashes of a person who weighed 200-220 lbs. or less but be sure to check the urn capacity. Each pound of weight prior to cremation equals one cubic inch of ashes.

Choosing an urn can be a meaningful way to honor a loved one. Take your time and your choice will become clearer as you consider where the urn will be placed and the person you are remembering.