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Villarose Elite Brass Urn
Villarose Elite Brass Urn

Villarose Elite Brass Urn

SKU: MAF-221
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A stunning gold design adorns the Villarose Elite Brass Urn, an adult urn for ashes.
(USD): $129.99
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The Villarose Elite Brass Urn features a gold design hand-engraved on a black background -- creating a dramatic memorial. Many families choose this urn because of its decorative style. The Villarose Elite Brass Urn has a traditional urn shape and is appropriate for display at a funeral service, at home, or in a niche.

You can be confident in the strength of this cremation urn as it is made of brass, a highly durable metal. The lid is threaded to secure the contents once placed inside. The lid also has the engraved gold design on its surface to match the base.

The Villarose Brass Cremation Urn is meant to hold the ashes of an adult (it can hold the ashes of a person who weighed 200 pounds or less prior to cremation).

Standard Adult Urn
9.5" H x 7" Diameter
200 Cubic Inches
4.6 lbs.
Threaded Lid at Top
Engraving Options
Engraved Pendant

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