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Water & Ocean Urns

Ocean Cremation UrnsOur full line of water-themed and ocean-themed urns for ashes perfect for occasions where an ocean or river scattering are desired. Many of our themed cremation urns are also outstanding choices for situations where you're honoring the memory of a person who loved the beach or the ocean.

Our selection of ocean-themed urns for ashes include urns make of wood, of glass, of salt, beach sand, and earth. We also offer a full range of biodegradable cremation urns that make the ceremony of scattering more dignified and organized. You can count on Stardust Memorials to have the product you need, in stock, and available from our warehouse for immediate shipping.

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Total Items: 34
Rainbow Cremation Urn for Ashes
Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube
Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube XS
Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn
Azure Blue Cloisonne Medium Urn
Oceane Blue Biodegradable Urn
Oceane Pearl Biodegradable Urn
Classic Blue Biodegradable Urn
Classic Pearl Biodegradable Urn
Silver Sand Dollar Pendant for Ashes
Silver Starfish Pendant and Necklace for Ashes
Sailboat Wood Urn for Ashes
Gentle Seagrass Ceramic Cremation Urn
Sandal Pendant and Necklace for Ashes
Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube Medium
Allegro Hand Blown Glass Urn
Lighthouse Wood Urn for Ashes
Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Urn
Oceane Sand Footprints Urn
Samsara Sand Biodegradable Urn
Nu Salt Biodegradable Urn
Journey Biodegradable Urn - Aqua
Journey Biodegradable Urn - Fern
Journey Biodegradable Urn - Pearl
Journey Biodegradable Urn - Natural
Small Journey Earthurn Natural
Small Journey Earthurn Aqua
Small Journey Earthurn Fern
Small Journey Earthurn Pearl
Shell Biodegradable Urn in Sand
Shell Biodegradable Urn in Aqua
Seashell Pendant and Necklace for Ashes
Shell Keepsake Urn in Bronze - LoveUrns
Shell Keepsake Urn in Pearl - LoveUrns

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