Cremation Urns

Cremations urns are a final purchase that allow you to memorialize a loved one and contain the ashes. Our selection of urns is chosen for quality and style -- with traditional choices as well as contemporary memorials.

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Cremation urns hold the ashes of a loved one. Popular materials for cremation urns include marble, wood, and metal such as brass. Many families choose to personalize the urn for ashes with a name, birth and death dates, and a comforting phrase such as Rest In Peace.

Cremation Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a cremation urn?

Choosing the funeral urn for a loved one does not have to be difficult. In fact, finding just the right cremation urn can help you work through your loss by honoring his or her life. A good starting point is to think about your loved one's style and interests. Was he outdoorsy? You might consider a wood urn or an urn with a wildlife scene. Was she traditional and had a classic style? You might consider a gold urn with a tasteful decorative band. The final resting place of the urn also can affect your decision. Urns are designed with unique features depending on whether they are meant to be buried, scattering urns that help you disperse ashes, niche urns that fit in columbariums, and artistic urns meant to be displayed in the home.

What size cremation urn do I need?

An adult size urn is the correct size for most family's needs. The ashes of one person are designed to fit inside an adult size urn whether petite or  heavyset, skinny or plump. The best selection of urns is in the adult urn size. You should be able to find an adult size cremation urn in almost any material from metal urns to marble urns. In some cases, a person who was very tall might need an extra large cremation urn. If you wish to divide up the ashes among several people or keep back a small amount of ashes in remembrance, then you might want to explore medium urns, small urns, and keepsake (mini) urns.

What types of urns for human ashes are available?

The different types of urns for human ashes are usually categorized by material such as marble urns, wood urns, paper urns that biodegrade, glass urns, ceramic urns, and metal urns. Brass and metal cremation urns are the most popular as they are traditional and durable. Other types of cremation urns include scattering urns, ground burial urns, and niche urns for columbariums -- these urns are described by how families use them.

What is the best material for a cremation urn for burial?

The best materials for ground burial urns are cultured marble, genuine marble or stone, and even heavyweight plastic/resin. Ground burial urns can be evaluated by features such as closure mechanisms, resistance to moisture, and even pounds of top load pressure it can sustain. While many families are looking for secure containment of ashes with ground burial urns, some people want a ground burial urn that releases the ashes into the ground. Those families might want to look at paper/cardboard urns which are meant to biodegrade in a short period of time.

What is the best material for a cremation urn kept at home?

The best materials for a cremation urn kept at home include metal, glass, ceramic, cloisonne, and wood. These materials are all familiar, and most  people know how to keep them clean and nice. Choosing a cremation urn for home display becomes more about the urn style and beauty if you are going to see them in your space every day on a table, bookshelf or mantel. Keepsake urns -- mini urns for ashes -- are very popular urns to keep at home as a small reminder of a loved one.

Do cremation urns need to be sealed? How do they close?

Sealing a cremation urn is a good idea for the peace of mind of knowing that all the ashes are securely inside. Many metal urns for human ashes have threaded lids like a jar which allows them to close tightly. Urns made of other materials may require special adhesives to seal them such as ceramic urns, genuine marble, and glass urns with fitted -- but not threaded -- lids.

How do I fill a cremation urn with ashes?

Filling a cremation urn with ashes does not have to be stressful. If you are working with a funeral home, generally the funeral home will place the ashes in the urn of your choice. Even if you are buying the urn yourself, it is typical for the cremation provider to give you the ashes in a plastic bag that is then placed inside a temporary plastic or cardboard container. We recommend that you ask a trusted friend or family member to transfer the bag into the urn of your choice. In most cases, there is no need to handle the ashes -- simply transfer the bag.