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We know choosing a cremation urn can be a difficult decision. The Stardust Memorials team has a shared commitment to being as helpful as possible. To us, being helpful means: an easy to use website, urns that we would recommend to our family members and friends, lots of images and information about every product, quick tips, and guides, and -- of course – a friendly, caring customer service team available 24 hours a day.

In order to ease this experience, we've put together a compilation of helpful videos.

How-to Videos

How To Choose A Cremation Urn
How To Fill And Use A Scattering Tube
How To Fill Cremation Jewelry
How To Scatter Ashes
What Are Keepsake Urns
Understanding The Different Urn Sizes

If you want to match your memorial to your loved one in addition to our personalized engraving, we have urns that share everyone's personality. Below you will find video collection with different themes or urn materials. We hope this will give you some inspiration.

Urns To Inspire
Butterfly Cremation Urns

Butterflies hold a high place in the world of animal symbolism. In many beliefs, the butterfly represents something positive in the life of the person it comes across. It's not surprising that a number of our families have chosen cremation urns with this type of design. Stardust Memorials offers a collection of butterfly themed urns for ashes detailed in this video.

Flower Cremation Urns

Honor a loved one who was fond of nature, gardening, or maybe had a favorite flower by choosing a cremation urn with a floral design. We have a Flower Urn for Ashes that suits every budget and style--in all colors, metal urns, ceramic & raku urns, or biodegradable cremation urns. Flowers can remind people of a love of outdoors, of spring and renewal, or the simple beauty of a bloom. Whatever the reason for choosing a Flower Urn for Ashes, you can be certain that Stardust Memorials has a range of high quality and excellent design options in cremation urns for ashes. Our most recent brass urn with a floral design is the Grand Rose Brass Urn in Deep Pink-- an eye catching metal urn for a colorful display and heartfelt memorial.

Ocean & Water Themed Urns

Many people looking for a memorial urn are drawn to images of the sea and comforted by the water-themed options available at Stardust Memorials. Perhaps you have memories of time spent near the water? The ocean side scene on the Lighthouse Inlay Wood Cremation Urn may remind you of holidays spent together by the sea. The simple serene and calming nature of water can be a comfort in itself. Imagine being by the water watching the sunset as depicted on Waves Cremation Urn for Ashes -- a contemplative scene on an aluminum urn for ashes. However you choose, an Ocean or Seashore themed cremation urn for ashes can be found in this category and may be exactly what you a looking for in a cremation urn to honor a special person. If you are considering a sea burial, we also carry a selection of Biodegradable Urns suitable for water burials, including the Shell Biodegradable Urn in Aqua.

Biodegradable Urns

To honor your loved one, you may choose to bury their ashes in the earth or opt for a sea or water burial. Biodegradable urns for ashes are suitable for these types of burials and come in a range of comforting and attractive options.

An advantage to choosing a biodegradable urn is that they are made of materials that will breakdown gradually, releasing cremated remains in a natural way back to the earth. Some eco urns are made of sand and resin, while others like the Himalayan Salt Biodegradable Cremation Urn are carved from a block of salt. The Earthurn Biodegradable Cremation Urns are made of paper using an ancient technique harvesting bark from the mulberry tree, a sustainable practice. The materials in the biodegradable cremation urns leave no trace after they have dissolved--whether in a water burial or ground burial.

You may be comforted selecting a biodegradable urn knowing that your loved one's ashes will be laid to rest in a sustainable and eco-friendly burial. Discover more about water burials in the Stardust Memorials Blog post on Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urns.

Cremation Urns for HIM

Want to honor your father, grandpa or other man in your life? Watch this quick 1 minute video to quickly see some of our best urns suitable for him.

Cremation Urns to Honor Veterans

Want to honor the brave man or woman in your life? Watch this quick 1 minute video to quickly see some of our best urns suitable for those who served.

Cremation Urns for HER

Want to honor your mother, grandma or other lady in your life? Watch this quick 1 minute video to quickly see some of our best urns suitable for her.

Wood Urns

A traditional material for cremation urns, wood can be easily engraved for a personalized tribute to a loved one. Choosing an already embellished wooden urn for ashes, like the Road Home Oak Cremation Urn can perfectly memorialize a dearly loved relative or you may opt for a simpler design in the Briton Mahogany Wooden Cremation Urn -- which can be personalized by adding artwork and engraved text.

Heirloom quality wood urns make an attractive and discreet display for your loved one's ashes either on a bookshelf, mantle, or tabletop. For many families, a wooden cremation urn, just feels right as a way to secure ashes and honor a dearly loved relative.