About Urn Sizes

What size cremation urn do I need?

If you’re purchasing an urn for an adult the quickest answer to this question is an Adult Urn.


Adult Urn - Most Common

Adult Urns, sometimes referred to as Standard Urns or Large Urns, are the most common urn size for adult remains. Anyone weighing less than 220 lbs or shorter than 6ft before cremation will fit in a standard adult urn. 

Extra Large Adult Urn - Tall or large framed adults

Extra Large Adult Urns are best for adults over 6ft tall or with a large frame.

We even created a quick and helpful video about cremation urn sizes:

Small and Medium Urn - Shared remains or young children

Small and Medium Urns are best when dividing one person’s ashes among 2 or more people as well as for young children. 
Note: Small and Medium urns are not used as a single vessel for adult remains regardless of height or weight before cremation.

Keepsake Urn - Small amount of shared remains

Keepsake urns, or mini urns, are best for holding a small amount of ashes in remembrance. Keepsake urns are a popular option when dividing ashes amongst children, grandchildren, or friends.

Urns for Two - Combined ashes

Urns for Two, sometimes referred to as Companion Urns, Double Urns or Double Internment, are used when combining two people’s ashes into a single urn. 

We get many questions about urn sizing:

  • What is the standard size of an urn? 
  • What size should an urn be? 
  • What is the average volume of a cremated body? 
  • How many cubic inches is an urn supposed to hold? 
  • How big is an urn for ashes? 

A good starting point is to find out what your loved one weighed before cremation. Each pound of weight will equal one cubic inch of ashes after cremation occurs. Thus, if the person weighed 180 pounds before his/her death, then you will need an urn that can hold 180 cubic inches or more of ashes. 

The majority of our Adult Urns hold 200-220 cubic inches of ashes.

If you still have questions, please give us a call at (888) 872-0228. Our caring support team has helped thousands of people select the right urn.