Urn Vaults

An urn vault is a sturdy container required by some cemeteries in order to bury a cremation urn. Often made of plastic or polymer, urn vaults protect the urn from moisture, the elements, and the weight of earth above it.

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The primary purpose of burial vaults is to protect a cremation urn from the elements as well as from the weight of the earth and heavy cemetery maintenance equipment.

Urn Vaults ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What is an urn vault and do I need one?

You may need an urn vault if you plan to bury a cremation urn in a cemetery that requires one. Urn vaults are very sturdy containers for cremation urns that withstand the elements and heavy external pressure (from the earth and cemetery equipment) without being crushed. If a family has selected a wood urn, metal urn, or similar urn made of common materials, then the use of a separate urn vault is preferred by many cemeteries. Some families choose marble and stone urns which may be durable enough to be buried as is without the urn vault.

What are burial vaults made of?

Vaults are commonly made of polymer (high impact plastic), but some urn vaults are available in steel, fiberglass, and natural stone. Most cemeteries accept polymer/plastic urn vaults, and they cost much less than the alternatives. Some cemeteries require concrete vaults -- which may only be available through their approved providers.

Can I personalize an urn burial vault?

Yes! Urn vaults can be personalized with a name plate affixed either to the outside or inside of the vault. You may engrave the name, birth and death years, or text of your choice. The Champion Urn Vault series and Defender Urn Vault also offer a decorative plate option.

How can I tell how sturdy an urn vault might be?

The features to look for in a sturdy urn vault are the material it is made of, how the lid connects to the base (is there a wide edge for adhesive?), and the top load pressure measurement if available. The Fortress Urn Vault collection has an excellent edge for the adhesive, for example. An added feature of Champion Urn Vault series are the corner bolts which creates a tight seal .