Pet Urns

Pet urns can honor your best friend such as a dog or cat. Our exclusive "Sleeping Cat Wood Urn" and paw print pet urns are popular, and remember to engrave your family pet's name on the urn for ashes.

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Pet urns hold the ashes of a beloved dog, cat, or animal. Urns for pet ashes often feature paw print designs, a place for a photo, or engraving options. Popular materials for pet urns include wooden pet urns and metal pet urns.

Pet Cremation Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose an urn for my pet?

A beloved pet is part of the family. Remembering a special pet and honoring his or her unique quirks is part of coping with the loss -- including choosing the right pet urn. You will want to think about the size you need, how to personalize it, and what style fits your precious pet's personality.

What size urn do I need for my pet?

Calculating the right size of pet urn that you need is simple. You need to know how many pounds your pet weighed prior to cremation. The pounds match up to cubic inches -- which is how an urn is measured. Pet urns are available in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large -- all measured in cubic inches. So a 20-pound dog needs a pet urn that is at least 20 cubic inches which falls within the small pet range (9 lbs. to 30 lbs.). Most cats are under 12 pounds, so a small size pet urn would be the correct size.

What types of urns for pet ashes are available?

Urns for dogs, urns for cats, and urns for other pets are usually made of wood or metal. Urns that make the process of scattering a pet's ashes easier are available -- they are made of paper. A popular urn for cat ashes is the Sleeping Cat Urn. Many people cherish their pet cremation jewelry pendants as a way to keep memories of a pet close.

What message can I put on my pet urn?

The most common message on a pet urn is the pet's name such as Sunny or Princess. But other touching messages for pet urn engraving include: Best Friend, Furr-Ever Missed, Best Buddy, Paw Prints on Our Heart, Purr-fect Girl/Boy, Run Free, and Loyal Companion.

What is pet cremation jewelry?

Pet cremation jewelry is a newer trend where you can place a small amount of pet ashes inside a pendant and wear it in your pet's memory. There are a ton of cute styles of pet cremation jewelry -- usually featuring tiny paw prints.