Ground Burial Urns

Ground burial urns are meant to be buried in the earth without an added container or vault. Some ground burial urns are meant to protect the ashes from the elements, and other burial urns are meant to biodegrade.

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Ground burial urns fall into two categories: urns that protect the ashes from the elements and urns that are meant to biodegrade after burial. Most families who talk about a ground burial urn are looking for a cremation urn that is durable enough to be buried in a cemetery without the added expense of buying an urn vault.

Ground Burial Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ground burial urn?

Urns that can be directly buried in the ground without the need for an added protective container or box are called burial urns or ground burial urns. Burial urns with high durability allow families to choose cremation but keep the practice of burying a loved one in a cemetery. Other types of burial urns allow families to bury an eco-friendly urn with the purpose of the ashes biodegrading in the earth over time.

What urns can be buried?

In truth, almost any cremation urn can be buried with the added purchase of an urn vault to protect it. What families often mean when they ask this question is: what urns are designed to buried as is? Urns made of cultured marble or genuine stone generally can be buried without an added urn vault. An urn made of high density polymer (plastic) offers the needed durability but may be viewed as less attractive. Eco-friendly urns such as the Embrace Urn Series also are designed to buried in the ground.

What are the best burial urns?

The best burial urns designed for durability are cultured marble urns such as the Classic Urn series and Olympus Urn series by Mackenzie Vault, the Trajan Urn series, the Claremont Urn series, and similar styles. The best burial urns meant to biodegrade include the Embrace series, the Unity Heart urns, and the unique salt cremation urns. The most practical ground burial urn is the Defender Ground Burial Urn in Graystone.

What is the best material for a cremation urn for burial?

The best materials for ground burial urns are cultured marble, genuine marble or stone, and even heavyweight plastic/resin. Ground burial urns can be evaluated by features such as closure mechanisms, resistance to moisture, and even pounds of top load pressure it can sustain. While many families are looking for secure containment of ashes with ground burial urns, some people want a ground burial urn that releases the ashes into the ground. Those families might want to look at paper/cardboard urns which are meant to biodegrade in a short period of time.