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Gold Blessing Birds Urn - LoveUrns
Elite Onyx Brass Cremation Urn
Black & Gold Elite Urn for Ashes
American Pride Urn for Ashes
Platinum Elegance Urn for Ashes
Classic Engraved Butterfly Urn in Blue
Rose Urn for Ashes in Pink - LoveUrns
Mother of Pearl Urn - LoveUrns
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Leaves of Silver Cremation Urn
Mother of Pearl Tealight Urn - LoveUrns
Mother of Pearl Double Band Brass Urn
Morning Garden Cremation Urn
Athens Black Cremation Urn
Leaves of Gold Cremation Urn
Hummingbird Urn for Ashes
Arcadia Pink Rose Cremation Urn
Athens White Cremation Urn
Birds & Blossoms Cremation Urn in Pink
Starry Night Blue Urn for Ashes
Adria Brown Cremation Urn with Silver Band
Diamond Cut Sagestone Cremation Urn
Diamond Cut Sky Blue Cremation Urn
Birds in Flight Frost Gray Cremation Urn
Sunset Brass Cremation Urn
Rich Purple Cremation Urn
Choose Your Medallion Personalized Urn
Going Home Dark Blue Urn for Ashes
Corona Lavender Cremation Urn
Dark Amethyst Cremation Urn
LoveHeart Urn for Ashes - LoveUrns
Corona Blue Cremation Urn
Platinum Elite Urn for Ashes
Dignity Gray Cremation Urn for Ashes
Rich Ruby Red Cremation Urn
Rich Pink Cremation Urn for Ashes
Rich Blue Cremation Urn for Ashes
Adria Black Cremation Urn with Silver Band
Palace Gold Cremation Urn for Ashes
Eternity Auburn Urn - LoveUrns
Silver Blessing Birds Urn - LoveUrns
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Stardust Memorials offers the widest selection of quality cremation urns for people. We also stock matching keepsake and mini urns. We specialize in selling the same urns you would find in leading funeral homes at more than 50% off the traditional retail cost. Our goal is to make the quality and elegance of traditional funeral home urns affordable to everyone.

You will find cremation urns for sale made from a range of materials, including brass, wood, ceramic, and glass. Each piece is selected for inclusion in our collection based on quality, attractiveness, and cost. We've sold tens of thousands of urns to satisfied customers throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, England, and elsewhere.

Our goal is to only offer the finest urns for ashes at the best possible prices, and we specialize in offering same-day engraving and personalization services, as well. You can buy from Stardust Memorials in complete confidence knowing that we back our urns with our unbeatable 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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