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Brass & Metal Urns

Brass cremation urns for ashes
Value-Priced Cremation Urns
Engravable Brass Cremation Urns
LoveUrns Premium Cremation Urns
Going Home Cremation Urns
Mother of Pearl Cremation Urns
Camouflage Cremation Urns for Ashes
 Featured Popular Products
Gold Blessing Birds Urn - LoveUrns
Platinum Elegance Urn for Ashes
Rose Urn for Ashes in Pink - LoveUrns
Mother of Pearl Urn - LoveUrns
Classic Engraved Butterfly Urn in Blue
Black & Gold Elite Urn for Ashes
Elite Onyx Brass Cremation Urn
American Pride Urn for Ashes
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Silver Blessing Birds Urn - LoveUrns
American Eagle Urn for Ashes
Classic Three Bands Pewter Cremation Urn
Classic Three Bands Gold Cremation Urn
Classic Three Bands Urn in Gold - Extra Large
Radiance Gold Urn - LoveUrns
Radiance Pewter Urn - LoveUrns
Radiance Copper Urn - LoveUrns
Classic Pewter Engraved Brass Urn
Classic Bronze Engraved Brass Urn
Classic Brass Urn In Pewter - LoveUrns
Classic Brass Urn in Gold - LoveUrns
Pewter Leaves Urn for Ashes
Golden Leaves Brass Urn for Ashes
Elegant Pewter Urn for Ashes
Elegant Gold Urn for Ashes
Going Home Dark Blue Urn for Ashes
Going Home Brass Cremation Urn
Going Home Classic Urn for Ashes
Going Home Brass Urn - LoveUrns
Elite Going Home Birds Cremation Urn
Leaves of Silver Cremation Urn
Leaves of Gold Cremation Urn
Platinum Elite Urn for Ashes
Rose Urn for Ashes in Emerald - LoveUrns
Arcadia Pink Rose Cremation Urn
Evening Primrose Pewter Cremation Urn
Evening Primrose Gold Cremation Urn
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About Brass and Metal Cremation Urns

Brass cremation urns are a traditional choice, yet newer designs allow families to find a brass or aluminum cremation urn that expresses their loved one’s style or interests or color preferences. Although classic brass urns remain the most popular, families are choosing mother of pearl urns, rose urns, radiance urns, and urns with Going Home designs as well.

Brass urns are a wonderful choice if you wish to personalize the urn. They engrave so beautifully. Stardust Memorials carries a large selection of brass urns and aluminum urns to fit any budget. Stardust Memorials is proud to carry the complete premium LoveUrns® Collection.

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