3 Reasons to Choose a Biodegradable Urn

Many people are looking for more natural ways to say farewell to a loved one; methods that are beautiful and meaningful but do not harm the earth. As more people choose cremation, they also are looking for products to help them disperse ashes in simple, easy ways. Although you may not have heard of them, natural products to help with scattering ashes are available and are referred to as biodegradable urns.

Here are three reasons to choose a biodegradable urn:

A beautiful and natural choice. One simple advantage to choosing a biodegradable urn is that they are beautiful urns made of eco-friendly and natural materials that will return the ashes to the earth in a gentle, responsible way. Some biodegradable urns are made of sand and resin, while others like the Himalayan salt cremation urn are carved from a block of salt.

Scattering of ashes made simple. For some people, scattering the ashes of a loved one can be an emotional experience. With the option of placing the remains inside a memorial that can be gently be placed in the water or earth without visibly seeing the ashes can help with those feelings.

A unique memorial service. There are many environmentally-friendly urns available made of different materials. They can be made of gelatin, unfired clay, paper or bamboo. In addition to the variety of materials available are the one-of-a-kind designs.

The Paper Turtle Biodegradable urn is a wonderful way to honor you loved one by placing the urn into the water and gently setting it free in a body of water.

Another favored cremation urn is the Bios Biodegradable Urn for Memorial Tree Planting. This urn is designed to have ashes placed inside of the paper compartment then planted in the earth in a memorable place. The ashes will mix into the soil and the tree roots will reach down to the level of the ashes. The memorial tree will grow and can be visited over the years in remembrance if desired.

From water burials to earth burials, selecting a biodegradable urn -- knowing that your loved one’s ashes will be laid to rest in a natural and beautiful way -- may comfort you and your family.

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