We know that buying an urn online may feel overwhelming, complicated, confusing and a range of other intimidating emotions. We know this because we talk with 1000s of people as that start shopping for the right urn, but we promise it's not like that. Those same people who felt like this before shopping told us they felt relived, satisfied, please, and at peace. To help you find the right urn for you or your loved, we put together 5 easy tips.

1) Think about basic urn requirements of size and final placement.

    • Do I need a size other than a standard adult size urn (person was very tall or family plans to divide ashes, etc.)?
    • Where will the urn be placed (cemetery plot, kept at home, niche)?
The answers to these questions may swiftly narrow down your list to urns with certain dimensions (Some churches and mausoleums have niches that may restrict the height or width -- see photo).

Do you have to fly with or transport the urn? See our article on flying with urns or how to mail ashes.

2) Designate one family member to narrow down your choices to 3-4 cremation urns for the rest of the family decision-makers to consider. Once narrowed down, it is easy to share those urns via email or web links.

3) Take advantage of customer service. Most people have never purchased a cremation urn before -- you are not alone if you feel overwhelmed or confused. At Stardust Memorials, it is important to us that our customers feel comfortable with the memorial product they are purchasing. We are here to answer your questions and help you select the cremation urn that best suits your family. Go ahead -- call or email! Feel free to ask questions about size, types of urns, what to engrave. Helpful staff at online urn companies are standing by to answer these questions in a timely manner.

4) Know your time frame. If you are working with a short time frame (for example the memorial service is in 48 hours), call to make sure your chosen urn can be engraved (if desired) and shipped when you need it. Stardust Memorials has a fast turnaround and expedited ship options including Next Business Day to meet your needs.

5) Make it memorable with the urn choice or the personalization. The urn is one of the final purchases you will ever make for a loved one. If he appreciated woodworking, pick a distinctive wood urn. If she loved art, look at handmade ceramic and glass urns. If you choose a traditional urn, consider engraving it with artwork that might fit his/her personality or favorite hobby (i.e. fishing, motorcycle, musical note).

We hope this information helps you at this difficult time. Call us with whatever questions you might have. Even if you decide not to purchase a cremation urn with us, we still would be happy to assist you. Give our caring customer support a call at (888) 872-0228.

More information on selecting urns on our FAQ page