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Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn
Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn for Ashes

Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn

SKU: SSI-102
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An artful cremation urn, Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn for ashes is decorated in varying shades of blue foliage on enameled copper.
(USD): $264.99
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The Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn for ashes in several shades of blue garden foliage and blooms. This full size urn is made using cloisonne, an ancient French art form, perfected by the Chinese.  Made from brass, copper and colored enamel, cloisonne is crafted by hand and the finished item is fired in a kiln and gilded. As a result of this meticulous process, every cloisonne piece is a decorative, durable and unique work of art.

At 200 cubic inches, the Azure Blue Cloisonne Urn will hold the ashes of a person who weighed 200 pounds or less prior to cremation.
Standard Adult Urn
9.5" H x 8" Diameter
200 Cubic Inches
2.95 lbs.
Threaded lid
Engraving Options
Engraved Pendant

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