Companion Urns: Room for Two

What is a companion urn? A companion urn is a cremation urn designed to hold the ashes of two people. Some families are comforted by the thought of parents or couples being ‘together forever.’ The wish to be interred in the same urn also can be expressed by the two people in their pre-need plans. 

Companion Urn Tips

  • Wait to engrave. Engraving the urn once will ensure that the engraving of names and dates will be consistent for both people.

  • Consider the final resting place. Will two urns fit better than one large one? Dimensions are usually not an issue with burial but can be when placing an urn in a columbarium. Knowing where the urn will be displayed is helpful as you decide on the urn size.

  • Find out the combined weight (prior to cremation) of the individuals being interred. Remember 1 pound prior to cremation is equal to 1 cubic inch of capacity.

  • Make it easier. Leaving the ashes in the plastic bag or temporary container provided by the crematorium or funeral home until you are ready to fill the companion urn itself makes transferring the ashes simpler. Read more about How to Fill an Urn.
Suggestion for a ceremony: Some couples request their ashes be co-mingled -- combined together. Carrying out this request could be incorporated into the memorial service. During the ceremony, attendees are invited to sprinkle a scoop of ashes into the companion urn (much like a wedding sand ceremony) while the officiant speaks to their love and time together.

Benefits of Choosing a Companion Urn

  1. Space saver: Two urns will usually take more room than a single companion urn.

  2. Budget friendly: Depending on the material and style of the urn chosen, it is often a money saver to use a companion urn over two separate urns.

  3. Honorary: Companion urns can be a thoughtful way to honor the lasting love of a couple.
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