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Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn
Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn

Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn

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The Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn is a small heart-shaped cremation urn for ashes in brushed gold.
(USD): $48.99
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The Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn is a miniature or token cremation urn for ashes. It is a heart-shaped urn in brushed gold. Choosing Goldenglow Heart Keepsake Urn for a loved one is an ideal way to express your love and to show remembrance.

This heart keepsake urn is made out of brass and is accessed from the back via a circular threaded opening.

A brass keepsake stand in gold or pewter can also be added to your order. Our stands are made to carefully hold a loved one's keepsake urn in an upright position, so it can be displayed in a meaningful and dignified way.

Keepsake urns can be used for various reasons. Many people use keepsake urns to share a loved one's ashes among several family members. Others use a keepsake urn to keep a small portion of ashes after the majority of the ashes have been scattered, buried, or placed in a columbarium. Some people choose to scatter or keep a small amount in a different place than where the primary urn is displayed.

This is a small size cremation urn which holds 3.5 cubic inches of ashes (approximately 3.5 tablespoons).

 Keepsake Urn 
 3.25" L x 3.25" W x 1.75" H
 3.5 Cubic Inches 
 .6 Lbs. 
 Threaded Screw on Back/Bottom 
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