1. Navy Olympus Cultured Marble Urn
Navy Olympus Cultured Marble Urn
Navy Cultured Marble Urn for Ashes

Navy Olympus Cultured Marble Urn

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In deep blue with marbling, Navy Olympus Cultured Marble Urn for Ashes by MacKenzie Vault is an extremely durable urn for ashes.
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The Navy Olympus Cultured Marble Urn by MacKenzie Vault is a dark navy blue color with marbling and is a classic choice for durability and permanence.

This urn meets the requirements of most cemeteries for use in ground burial with no need for a separate urn vault. This urn is an extra large size and can accommodate the cremated remains of a person who weighed up to 255 pounds prior to cremation. The compartment is accessed at the bottom with a threaded screw that can be sealed. 

Made in the USA, MacKenzie Vault products are hand-crafted to a high level of quality and workmanship from a precise blend of crushed stone, resin, and color pigments which work together to emulate natural elements. All of these materials are carefully selected for their strength, and enduring beauty.

NeTSA Flight Readyed to travel with an urn? This cultured marble urn is an appropriate choice. It can be x-rayed and thus meets TSA guidelines for travel with a cremation urn.

Extra Large Adult Urn
11" L x 7.75" W x 7.25" H
255 Cubic Inches
20 Lbs.
Cultured Marble (Stone & Resin)
Threaded Screw on Bottom
Engraving Options
Direct Engraving

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