Best Burial Urns

Burial urns are cremation urns specifically made for placement in the ground. Burial urns come in two types with completely opposite purposes: 

      • Cremation urns that are designed to last -- incorporating moisture-resistant materials like marble

      • Urns for ashes that are designed to biodegrade -- comprised of gelatin, paper, or similar dissolving components.
When choosing burial of cremated remains, there are a few options. For example, you may choose to bury a loved one's ashes in a cemetery, a privately owned burial ground, or an urn garden. These locations may have requirements about acceptable burial containers, and you should check with them on the rules and regulations. For instance, many cemeteries require that you use an urn vault to contain and protect the chosen cremation urn. 

Here are three best-selling burial urns and why each one may be a preferred choice for families. 

 Top 3 Burial Urns 

1. Classic Cultured Marble Urn by Mackenzie Vault - Made of highly durable cultured marble (crushed stone and resin), this cremation urn for ashes will last indefinitely. Capable of withstanding heavy pressure and resistant to moisture, this burial urn meets the requirements of most cemeteries as is -- saving the added expense of an urn vault. Available in a range of colors with many engraving options, a cultured marble urn can honor a loved one with a lasting memorial. 

2. The Tribute Bamboo Cremation Urn is made of sustainable bamboo. This burial urn is made of plant material that has the appearance of wood and will completely degrade over time -- releasing the ashes of your loved one to the earth. Because the bamboo is sustainably harvested, it is an eco-friendly choice for burial urns on several levels. People who are looking for a green burial might prefer this biodegradable urn.

3. Bios Biodegradable Urn for Memorial Tree Planting is designed to use as a tree planting memorial. The Bios Urn holds soil mix and the ashes, then a tree seed or sapling is placed with the urn in the ground. With the support of the Bios Urn, a living, growing tribute to a loved one can be made.

Burial urns allow a family to choose cremation but keep the traditional practice of burying a loved one in a cemetery. This type of burial also provides an opportunity for a traditional graveside service with a place to visit and a formal marker for prayer and reflection. 

To view Stardust Memorial's complete selection of biodegradable urns suitable for Earth burial, visit our dedicated Earth Burial Cremation Urns page here. Or if you would like to see other options of how to use biodegradable urns, watch our educational video below.