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Celtic Strength Knot Cremation Jewelry
Celtic Strength Knot Cremation Jewelry

Celtic Strength Knot Cremation Jewelry

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The Celtic Strength Knot Cremation Jewelry Pendant can be worn as a memorial necklace to keep your loved one close to your heart.
(USD): $119.99
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The Celtic Strength Knot Cremation Jewelry is a sterling silver pendant that displays a Celtic knot, which are complete loops without any beginning or end. The uniqueness of using only one cord to weave the complicated pattern implies the continuity of paths. The use of only one thread highlights the Celts’ belief in the physical and the spiritual crossing of paths, expressing permanence, and the endurance of life, love and faith. This particular knot design also represents strength.

This memorial jewelry pendant has an inner compartment that will hold a small amount of ashes. The Celtic knot design is on the front of the pendant, and the threaded screw to access the compartment is on the bottom. A sterling silver 18" chain is included. Complete instructions on filling the pendant are provided. The screw must be sealed properly using the adhesive that is provided before it can be worn.  The adhesive instructions should be followed very carefully. We do not recommend wearing this piece while showering, swimming, exercising, or sleeping as this can increase exposure to moisture which can expedite the tarnishing process and degrade the adhesive that keeps ashes secure inside the pendant. 

Included with this pendant:
  • 18 inch sterling silver chain
  • Velvet presentation box
  • Pendant Filling and Sealing Kit with instructions, funnel, and sealant.
.75" L x .75" W
A Pinch
.04 lbs.
Sterling Silver
Screw in Bottom
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