Cremation Urns as Gifts

You might be surprised how often a customer tells us she is buying a cremation urn as a gift. Not what comes to mind for you at gift-giving time? Here are some examples:

Finding a special urn

A recent Stardust Memorials customer shared that she was buying one of our Hand Blown Glass Urns for a friend whose artistic daughter had died. She was pleased that she could help her friend find and purchase the right memorial.

Buying an urn to help with costs

Another customer admitted that she was choosing from our value-priced urns to help a relative who just couldn’t afford the many expenses tied to her husband’s death.

These customers were kind and helpful friends of the family. Not unlike helping pay for the cake or to provide a special musician at a wedding, many people step up to help when a funeral is happening for close family or friends.

Stardust Memorials’ selection of quality urns can help someone find that special urn that represents their loved one--from a Golf Urn to an Oceane sand urn to an incredible Pink Jubilee Glass Urn with pink swirls.

If affordability is important, we often guide people who are helping to our value-priced brass urns, wood urns, or urns under $100.

Giving an urn as part of pre-planning

Lastly, sometimes people give an urn as a gift to a parent or spouse to aid in pre-planning -- to make sure their loved ones have the chance to see and select the urns that are meaningful to them.

If you are gifting an urn, please feel free to contact Stardust Memorials at our toll free number, 888-872-0228. We happy to provide suggestions and assistance in this important purchase.