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Below are links to a number of resources that might be of value to you in the areas of memorialization, funeral planning, and cremation services.

Funeral Consumers Alliance ( The FCA is the only nonprofit charity focused on protecting the rights and interests of consumers doing business with the funeral industry. ( An online guide for finding cremation services providers throughout the United States.

A Good Goodbye ( Gail Rubin's blog about "funeral planning for those who don't plan to die." Great stuff.

DeathCare(.com) ( This site is focused on providing information and insight into various aspects of the death care industry, and increasing awareness about funeral options.

Green Burial Council ( Information about eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable death care and funeral options.

Cremation Resource ( A website devoted to all things cremation and answering all of your questions about the how and why of cremation in the United States.

Cremation (.com) ( An online directory of cremation services providers throughout the United States and Canada.

Cremation Association of North America ( Cremation-centric information and links to various aspects of the death care industry.

International Cemetery, Cremation, & Funeral Association ( Promoting consumer choices, prearrangement, and open competition in the funeral industry.

TSA Urn Restrictions ( The official word on traveling with urns through airports.

The US Navy's Burial At Sea Program ( Complete information on the US Navy's program for interring sailors at sea.

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