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Mountain View Scattering Tube
Mountain View Scattering Tube

Mountain View Scattering Tube

SKU: EPI-124
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The Mountain View Scattering Tube features a scene of a mountain landscape and can assist families with the process of scattering ashes.
(USD): $69.99
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If you plan to scatter the ashes of a loved one, the Mountain View Scattering Tube can help make this process simple and easy. The Mountain View Scattering Tube features a scene of a mountain landscape. This mountain design can be an excellent choice for a person who appreciated nature and/or had eco-friendly values.

This scattering urn has been designed with the sturdiness to contain and carry ashes to the chosen scattering site. When ready to spread, you slide off the lid, push a perforated tab, and then shake the contents gently from the tube. The tube may be recycled after use if desired. Instructions are included.

With a capacity of 200 cubic inches, the Mountain View Scattering Tube is considered adult size.

Standard Adult Scattering Tube
12.5" H x 5" Diameter
200 Cubic Inches
0.7 lbs.
Cardboard, Paper
Top Lid with Perforated Tab
Engraving Options

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