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Red Marble Cremation Urn
Red Marble Cremation Urn

Red Marble Cremation Urn

SKU: SRS-301
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The Red Marble Cremation Urn is a regal urn for ashes marbled with smoky swirls of red.
(USD): $259.99
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The Red Marble Cremation Urn for Ashes is a regal urn in a vibrant red with smoky marbling. Made of genuine marble, this cremation urn can represent endurance and strength. For many people, red is the color of love. The Red Marble Cremation Urn will convey the intensity of your feelings for your loved one at a memorial service or wherever you might display it.

This marble urn is a standard adult urn with a capacity of 174 cubic inches (will hold the ashes of the an adult who weighed approximately 174 lbs. or less). Made of genuine marble, the color comes from a custom process of coloring a gray marble to become an intense, lasting red. The lid sets on the top and can be sealed with adhesive to hold it in place permanently if desired.

 Standard Adult Urn 
 10.5" High x 8.5" Diameter 
 174 Cubic Inches 
 15.5 lbs. 
 Lid opens at top. Can be sealed if desired. 
Engraving Options
 Engraved Pendant

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