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Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn
Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn for Ashes

Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn

SKU: MAF-322
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Blue-green colors and pretty shells create a peaceful style on the Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn.
(USD): $69.99
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Shades of blue and turquoise are a peaceful backdrop to a scattering of seashells on the Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn. This beachy urn design may remind families of times spent near the ocean. This is a playful and colorful design -- meant to lift the spirit of those choosing this cremation urn while memorializing their loved one.

Seashell Whisper design is exclusive to Stardust Memorials.

The Seashell Whisper Cremation Urn is an adult-sized urn in lightweight, yet sturdy aluminum. Aluminum cremation urns are appropriate for long-term containment of ashes whether in the home, a columbarium, or buried in a plot.

The Seashell Whisper Urn has a threaded lid to achieve secure closure. This urn has a capacity of 175 cubic inches (can hold the ashes of someone who weighed up to 175 pounds prior to cremation).

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