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Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn
Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn

Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn

SKU: GRA-106
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A cremation urn that is a work of art, Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn for ashes features a swirling pattern of deep colors and is hand blown by a glassblowing artist.
(USD): $479.99
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This Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn features a pearlescent swirl of deep colors--amber, green, and blue. This urn is hand blown by a glassblowing artist, making it a true work of art. Although the glassblower follows the same artistic process in crafting each glass urn, the artistic nature of combining glass pigments, heat, and hand-blowing makes each one-of-a-kind glass urn truly beautiful.  

Creating the colors of each urn involves rolling a ball of raw molten glass in pigment glass for color accents. Then the glass ball, peppered with pigment glass, is then super-heated, which merges the colors in unique layers and intensities. Then the ball is blown with human breath and rolled into the urn shape. Upon cooling, each glass urn's colors are finally revealed.

The Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn is a tall cylindrical urn with a flared top and round base. Given that each glass urn is handcrafted, the urn you receive may vary somewhat in its dimensions and color effects from the image displayed. The lid of the Sonata Hand Blown Glass Urn rests on top of the urn.  It can be sealed with adhesive if desired (not included).

Made in USA. 

 Adult Cremation Urn 
 12.25" High x 7.5" Diameter 
 250 Cubic Inches 
 5.75 lbs. 
 Opens on Top with Lid 
Engraving Options
 Engraved Pendant 

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