Three Ways to Bring Nature into a Memorial Service 

Was grandma an avid gardener? Did your brother travel the world as a bird watcher?

Here are three tips on incorporating nature into a loved one’s memorial or funeral service.
1. Go outside: Bring nature into a memorial service by holding it outdoors at a park, garden, or church courtyard. Many people wish to have their ashes scattered in a favorite place. A wooded walk, hilltop, or ocean can provide a beautiful setting for a scattering ceremony. See more about this subject in Stress-Free Scattering of Ashes. 
2. Choose products with nature themes:  like urns with leaves, flowers, butterflies, or birds. Stardust Memorials offers cremation urns that are reflective of nature from our Butterfly urns to Strong Tree Brass Urn. You can create a nature-inspired display for the table where you place photos and memorabilia. You can tie in the natural theme to memorial cards, programs, and mementos. 

3.  Plant a tree: Memorial trees are planted in honor of a person who has passed away. These trees can be planted with or without ashes and visited on anniversaries much like a gravestone. Planting a Memorial Tree: A Lasting Tribute is an informative article on the subject.