Urn vaults--sometimes called burial vaults--are very sturdy containers for cremation urns. You may need an urn vault if you plan to bury the cremation urn in certain cemeteries that require its use.

Generally, urn vaults are available in materials considered non-biodegradable such as stone, marble, stainless steel, bronze, fiberglass, and plastic. Some cemeteries require urn vaults be made of concrete (which I would point out does not make much sense as concrete does not hold up well with moisture).

Some people spend hundreds of dollars--even thousands--on urn vaults made of concrete and other expensive materials, however plastic urn vaults like our Basic Urn Vault Single and Basic Urn Vault Double are available at very reasonable cost and perform the same function.

Why do cemeteries require an urn vault?
They will tell you that sealing your urn in an urn vault will protect it from moisture and the elements. Cemeteries also use heavy equipment for performing burials and for grounds maintenance and do not want to be responsible for inadvertently damaging or crushing an urn. (Some people think they are just another way to add charges to the funeral bill, but that's another blog post....) We suggest to our customers that need an urn vault to purchase a plastic one or to choose a marble or stone urn.

As more Americans choose cremation, they face many choices on whether to display cremation urns, bury them, place them in columbariums, scatter the ashes, or disperse ashes according to green burial principles using biodegradable products.